Thank you for visiting our web site. Kui seitai was established in 2014 to provide seitai, relaxation massage, core training, and Yoga service for the English speaking residents of Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Seitai is a natural, traditional form of Japanese healing which uses massage and gentle body adjustments to improve circulation to tired muscles and improve imbalances in the body.

Seitai is well-suited for those suffering from symptoms such as fatigue, stress, and shoulder and back pain.

Our highly qualified and very experienced therapist and trainer will work closely with you, and ensure for the appointment system you receive totally individual attention one on one with your therapist and trainer.
We also provide home visiting seitai service, and personal / group core training lesson.

For an appointment, please call 0466-76-7364 or email.
(Note: During the treatment session, we might not be able to answer your call. So please leave your name and number, and will get back to you as soon as possible)

Etoile Blanc Hoshi Build. 1st floor
(Shonandai station)
2-9-8 Shonandai Fujisawa city, Kanagawa

10:00am - 20:00pm (last reservation)

Shonandai station 3minutes walk

•Take exit No. B 
•Go straight (Matsuya restaurant on right side of the road) 
•Take left at the first street
•Keep going straight about 40`50m, and you will see a first crossing.
(There is a hair salon on the left corner).
•There is a concrete style apartment building on your right corner, and we are in the “Etoile Blanc Hoshi”building 1st floor

y30minz 2,800yen
Fatigue recovery relaxation

y60minz 4,800yen
y70minz 5,800yen
Regular relaxation
Balance seitai focusing on spine and Pelvis correction

y80minz 6,800yen
y90minz 7,800yen
Pelvic distortion / Metabolic disorder / weight gaining /lack of body maintenance and exercise / etc
(excluding above time, there is 10-15min consulting time)

Core training
(Session is about 1 to 1.5h)

Beauty core training (Personal 5,000yen / pair 3,000yen x 2 )
@@@Diet and fitness

Athlete core training (Personal 5,000yen / Pair 3,000 x 2 )
@@@Athletic performanceEstability improvement of whole core

Enjoy core trainingiGroup session / 2,000yen per personj
@@@Beginners for enjoyment / Trial session

Premium service
Seitai{core training
You can choose one preferable time seitai session, and we can offer personal core training for 3,000yen

Hatha yoga, Lymphatic yoga, Pelvic yoga, kids to senior yoga (Session is about 75min)

Trial session 1,500yen
One off session 2,500yen
Package session
6,000yen (2,000 x 3times)
11,400yen (1,900 x 6times)
18,000yen (1,800 x 10times)
Registration fee 1,500yen (Free registration fee only when becoming a membership after a trial session)

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